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When designing a new landscape, we do our utmost to recommend only the ideal plants for the desired settings. However, like all living organisms, plants can develop a host of problems over the course of a lifetime. Even with proper siting, watering and care, they are prone to environment and health issues.

Twenty years ago, we planted the beautiful and beloved Autumn Purple Ash quite liberally, until someone shipped pallets from the Orient and brought us Emerald Ash Borer. Blue Spruce was also a favorite at the time, and like the decline of the Autumn Purple Ash, a disease from out west, continues to destroy older specimen plants. Spider mites are rampant within Norway and affect Black Hills Spruce. Boxwood leafminer is attacking our boxwood and left untreated, will kill the plant. Burr Oak Blight is a newer disease within our area which will kill your magnificent Oak trees as well, if it isn’t treated properly with fungicides and receive continued care.

We treat pests and diseases utilizing Integrated Pest Management [IPM], a program which addresses issues head on. All diseases and pests have a lifecycle. Implementing a Plant Health Care Program through IPM, our staff is trained to perform these treatments with the best chemicals available at the optimum time and to only treat the problem at hand. We do not blanket spray your site as this an irresponsible act in today’s world.

Creating lush and beautiful turfgrass will require frequent treatments as there are a host of environmental issues that are liable to occur, re. too much shade, over-abundance of water, and excessive compaction. Problems with fertility may arise, fungus, and of course insects, are usual suspects in the degradation of this delicate species. When it comes to diagnosing problems, we search out the correct solutions to treat the issues your plantings face, from pre-existing conditions and potential issues as well.

The bottom line is that plants require skilled attention and you simply cannot find a better company to address and treat your site. The knowledge, care and course of action we take ensure you are receiving the best care available.

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