Emerald Ash Borers are Killing Your Trees from Within

Buhrman Design Group Provides Treatment to Save Your Trees!

Mundelein, Illinois — Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) are now prevalent throughout the Midwest, and are responsible for killing more than 60 Million Ash trees since 2006. Since 2002, these lethal pests have brought incredible destruction to trees across the Midwest, including Cook, Lake & McHenry counties in Illinois. If you have an Ash tree in your landscape, it must be protected, or it will likely be attacked and killed by these pests. After infestation, most Ash trees die within 2-4 years, making it critical to treat your trees as soon as possible. If you have Ash trees in your yard, it is likely that they are under attack. The EAB infestation across the Midwest is expanding by 5,000% every year, leaving virtually no Ash tree untouched.

State officials indicate that this epidemic will last for 12-15 years until it has destroyed all unprotected Ash trees. If your landscape includes one or more Ash trees, consider a protective treatment program to save your trees. A mature tree adds approximately $10,000 to the resale value of your home. The dilemma faced by most homeowners is whether or not to pay for a treatment program that will save their tree, or just let their tree succumb to EAB. The key is to determine which trees are “valuable” and worth saving, and which trees can be replaced with a lesser cost.

If you have one or more mature Ash trees, the cost to treat and protect your tree is often equal or less than the cost of removing a mature tree. A typical homeowner with two Ash trees on their property can add $20,000 in resale value to the asking price of their home. If these valuable trees die, the cost to replace them could be $500 or more per tree, with a waiting period of 10-20 years until these trees reach maturity. It’s also important to consider the costs of tree removal, which can exceed $1,000 for a mature tree. If your trees are near your home or power wires, the cost for removal can be much higher.

The landscape professionals at Buhrman Design Group treat EAB infected-trees with TREE-age, (pronounced triage) the only product that achieves nearly 100% success rates and can be applied at any time of year as long as the ground is not frozen or extremely wet. The active ingredient in TREE-age is emamectin benzoate, which is the only product available that protects trees for TWO to THREE YEARS and can be applied to infected trees with up to 50% canopy damage. This treatment program is 100% safe and eco-friendly, while offering complete protection for your trees.

How often should you treat your trees?

EAB lay eggs that hatch into larvae within one week. These larvae begin feeding immediately on the living tissue of your trees, and can kill your tree within 1-2 years. TREE-age should be applied every two years to eradicate the pests from your trees. While other products may be less expensive, the must be applied every year, and have a lower success rate. At Buhrman Design Group, our goal is to save your trees by killing the pests that feed on your trees. For more information about treating ash trees, visit www.emeraldashborer.info/treatment.cfm or call Buhrman Design Group.

My Ash trees look like they are dying. Is it too late to save my trees?

As a general rule of thumb, any tree with damage to less than 30% to 50% of the canopy can be saved with treatment. One way or another, if you have Ash trees, you will need to spend money. If you love nature, and all of the wildlife your trees welcome to your landscape, we believe it is best to treat and protect your beautiful Ash trees for generations to come. If you have questions, call one of our professional arborists to help you identify the problem and address solutions for immediate treatment.

How can I tell if my trees have Emerald Ash Borers?

It’s nearly impossible for the average person to read the signs of an infested tree. By the time that most people can tell that their trees are being attacked, the damage is usually too severe to treat. If you love your trees, we advise all of our clients to treat and protect every tree that you want to keep and eliminate any undesirable trees.

Can I treat my Ash trees myself?

While there are many “do it yourself” treatments, none of them provide the protection of a professional application. Buhrman Design Group offers professional diagnosis and treatment to protect your trees and keep them healthy. While many “do it yourself” treatments are less costly than a professional application, the results are less effective, and could result in the loss of your trees. If your trees are an important part of your landscape, we recommend seeking qualified professionals to treat and protect your treeBuhrman Design Group welcomes the opportunity to inspect and protect your trees. Together, let’s keep our neighborhoods GREEN!

For more information about tree maintenance services provided by Buhrman Design Group, call 847-949-9245.

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